MI6 Tried to Recruit a North Korean Official

A security vulnerability in South Africa has led to a leak of intelligence data from spy agencies like Great Britain’s MI-6, Russia’s Foreign Service Bureau, and Israel’s Mossad.

Best One So Far (Lots of data to cover)

Britain’s MI6 sought South African help in an operation to recruit a North Korean official who had previously refused their cash.

via The Spy Cables: A glimpse into the world of espionage – Al Jazeera English.

Midway Plaisance at Venice


Neat blog post showing the area around Windward Circle, from 1911. It’s hard to believe this is what it looked like.

Originally posted on Framework:

April 1911: The closed Midway Plaisance at Venice awaits the wrecking crew to make way for a roller coaster.

This photo accompanied a story in the April 3, 1911, Los Angeles Times:

All that remains of the historic old Midway Plaisance at Venice will soon become a memory. The unique attraction which Gaston and Ferdinand Akoun made famous in the early days of that quickly builded resort by the sea are to be wrecked, to make way for a new and unique riding device declared to abound in thrills, to be known as the “Giant Safety Racing Coaster.”

Thomas W. Prior, who is to be at the head of this hair-raising project, has arrived at the seaside, fresh from Chicago. Early tomorrow morning he will have an army of laborers on the ground to accomplish the razing of Midway. Work will be prosecuted with vigor, to the end that the…

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