Five Guys Under a Mushroom Cloud

The Douglas AIR-2 “Genie”  was a dumb time-fused, nuclear-tipped, air-launched, solid motor rocket that was to be fired at hordes of incoming Soviet bombers as the descended on American cities.

The Air Force was so pleased with this weapon that they placed an $11.6 million order with Douglas Aircraft in June, 1961. That same year, Douglas also sold a DC-8 to Japan Air Lines.
19 July 1957 – Five at Ground Zero: CTBTO Preparatory Commission.


The “Cleaning Up” of Venice

Originally posted on Free Venice Beachhead:

By Deborah Lashever

If we wish to honestly “clean up” Venice we need an expanded storage program, an adequate number of trash cans and 24/7 bathrooms. The current city program of criminalizing unhoused people does not solve anything and wastes hundreds of thousands of dollars. “Cleaning up” cannot and should not equal criminalization. That is discrimination, and is illegal. The act of being without housing is not a crime.

If citizens are bothered by piles of belongings, trash or refuse, the solution is to demand adequate Venice storage facilities, trash cans and 24/7 bathrooms when and where they are needed. That would actually solve these problems. The clean-up “sweeps” on OFW will not fix them. Neither will police. These are basic human concerns and they have obvious, basic solutions. Criminalization of situations people cannot help – like urination in alleys when there are no bathrooms, or having stuff on the…

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